We strive to change the world through the beauty of art.

Marc Chagall said; “If I create from the heart, nearly everything works: if from the head, almost nothing.”

Art is a glance into the soul of the creator and resonates with our deepest emotions. Our mission is to channel this connection into a positive change where we can preserve the wonders of the world before it’s too late, and only to be found in photographs and acrylics on a canvas.

The founder of The Artwareness Movement, Mikael B., has always believed we have a responsibility to employ the attention art attracts. Our mission is to reach more people world wide, and raise funds for initiatives supporting preservering the earth and oceans, and those in need of a helping hand.


Mikael B.
Founder & Artist

Mikael is a Los Angeles based artist and designer. Mikael has throughout his career supported several charities to help education, climate change, ocean preservation and terminally ill children through his art.

Morten Brandrup
Founder & CEO

Morten has been involved in a myriad of industries and hold the professional experience to drive the potential of The Artwareness Movement. Morten has been involved in ocean preservation, education for children and green energy for over a decade.

Pernille Kjeldsen
PR & Partnership Director

With her broad experience within the media and corporate world, Pernille has a crucial connection to politicians, celebrities and corporations who help The Artwareness Movement reach a broader audience and raise more awareness and funds to help the organisation achieve it’s goals.