Mikael B x The Perfect World Foundation x Boozt.com

For every t-shirt sold we plant a tree in the TPWF and Attenborough Forest

Find the Mikael B. Artwareness t-shirt only on Boozt.com and get more info about the movement on Artwareness.com

The Attenborough Forest is a global tree planting and protection program. Tree planting is a concrete way of CO2 offsetting and the first goal is to plant a million trees together with individuals and companies. Boozt along with Mikael B. is contributing to the TPWF and Attenborough Forest by donating part of the proceeds for every single Artwareness t-shirt sold. Trees not only reduce CO2, but they also relieve our oceans, reduce desertification, and restores biodiversity.

CO2 is a global problem and we can all help to reduce the CO2 emission. We know the fashion industry is among the most polluting industries in the world and we also know people will continue to buy clothing. By planting trees for all t-shirt sold we minimize the CO2 emission and the environmental impact of its production.  

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is one of the most trusted organic textile certifications worldwide. It indicates high-level of environmental and toxicological criteria along the entire supply chain as well as social compliance and fair labour practices. Organic farming maintains soil health and preserves its fertility for future generations.